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Children's tent manufacturer about children's tent installation method

by:Muzi     2020-05-23
Many parents in order to increase the child extracurricular life interesting weekend will often take children go out to play, weekend camping, is also a kind of most parents are like this time children tent to play a role, then the children tent to want how to install? The following children tent manufacturer tell me about the installation method of this children's tent. 1, spread the tent on the ground, the underside down, get fold flat. 2, remove the bracket, tent is near the cross brace up. Support can be folded, connect it up. 3, tents with a cross position of inserting stent hole, wear the bracket from the cut into the tent. 4, then support bracket of the tape on the card in the four corners of the tent, the first hole. As long as four good supporting, tent is basic forming. 5, will the corners of the tapes another hole, insert with the buckle nail fixed on the ground. 6, tents at the top of the cross position, need to use the rope fixed it. Especially in the rain of the weather, just not easy to be blown rotten or blow down tents.
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