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Children's necessities Jane about camping tent manufacturer daqo and matters needing attention

by:Muzi     2020-04-22
Children's tent is a kind of we often like to buy camping tool for children, carry very convenient also, of course, we also have to be aware of when camping places, children below the necessities Jane about camping tent manufacturer daqo and matters needing attention. Ground to flat: when camping, on the layers of leaves of deciduous forests or coniferous forest paved ground above the pine needles, some are rich in mineral soil, water and sand or gravel pile, is a good place to set up camp, because these places are very smooth. When the person lying on a dampproof mat, will find sleep in a hard and flat on the ground is soft but the rutted ground is much more comfortable. To higher terrain: if you have different altitude can choose, then the ideal location should be windproof, rainproof, flash floods submerged less than high. Drainage is better: when choosing a campsite, the performance of drainage is very important, especially in May have rain comes. Not only should avoid low-lying areas, and completely flat on the ground and should be avoided. Especially that there is no crack is pressed very strong land, the ground will cause the rain nowhere to flow and not easy to seep into the ground. To avoid mosquito: choosing a campsite, should pay attention to don't pick dead men, lush grass, and may be there is water, this is the place of mosquito breeding.
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