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Children have a fantastic imagination and love of stories

by:Muzi     2020-08-11

Ask a child what they want in their bedroom and the answer will be of course for it to be fun!

Bedroom furniture designed for children havefun as their central theme, with imaginative design and use of bright colour. While the old reliable bunk bed remains an old favourite, there are plenty of variations on this theme from cabin beds, to gorgeous high-sleeper bed frames which include desks and shelves underneath.

Imaginative children's furniture

The choice of furniture and beds clearly will depend on thegender of your child. Tastes of boys and girls are quite different with girls typically liking pinks, light blues with themes centred on fairy-tale characters or girly TV shows. Boys meanwhile are much more adventurous, love bold colours and go for themes such as cars, sports and dinosaurs.

Designers know this well which is why the sports car bed is a common option for the bedroom of a young boy. Fun kid's single beds such as thered racing bed frame,, is an example of where designers have a had a lot of fun putting together a quality dream bed that literally looks like it's going to drive away.

A young girl meanwhile may be excited more excited by castles and palaces - the mid sleeper bed with tent - that resembles a tower - and slide is perfect for the girl whose fantasy land is immersed in the likes of Disney worlds.

Keeping a Children's Bedroom Tidy

Where do you put all children's toys without tripping over them all? The answer is simply to install clever solutions like under-bed storage and more traditional options like bed side cabinets. Cabin beds have some great spaces built into them, such as drawers which can help for storing clothes or toys. Mid or high sleepers are equally a great options with shelves, desk space and sometimes drawers too built in under the bed.

For older kids something a little more mature is more appropriate - even if as a parent you may well get nostalgic over those more imaginative beds. An ordinary single bed might do the trick with a nice bed frame, but if the room is big enough - it could well be worth considering installing a sofa bed so friends can have sleep overs - it also can double up easily as a social space.

When it comes to decorating bedrooms for children and choosing furniture, going big and dramatic is the best thing to do. There are also so many attractive wallpapers to choose which will work really well with the furniture you pick to help you create a great theme.

When shopping for children's furniture, you can be sure to find good ideas and practical advice at Homebase to help you on your way to achieve a fun bedroom that will put a big smile on your child's face.

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