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Camping tents wholesale manufacturers tell you camping little knowledge

by:Muzi     2020-04-17
Now many people will choose to unpack camping in my spare time to relax, not only can rest well also can close to nature, let's body and heart is a busy day to relax. For camping the couple became a problem how to choose the camping places and matters needing attention, the camping tents wholesale manufacturer to tell you about camping little knowledge. A, the choice of camp camp should fall in a dry, flat, the line of sight, fluctuation has vast pathway, can shelter drainage and water convenient place, dig their own toilets, field camp, cooking utensils and food preparation to yourself and so probably it is almost three days and two nights, otherwise put for a long time not fresh food, eating the bad instead. Second, tents note 1 entry to leeward, tents, tents will be away from a rolling stone slope. 2, to avoid tent flooded when it rains, should be at the top of the canopy edge just dig a drainage ditch. 3, tent corners of rock pressure. 4 air flow must be maintained, tents, cooking in the tent to prevent fire. 5, the evening before bed to check out all fire, tent is fixed solid. , tents will in turn build: first to build public tents. Downwind to set good cooking tent in the camp, build stove, burn a pot of water on, and then in turn to the windward building to hold public equipment warehouse tents and their camping tents. When the whole camp tents set up good, water has open burning pot, can drink right away and began to cook. Children teil leisure tent manufacturer co. , LTD is specialized in the production and processing children beach tents, children's indoor tents, children's automatic bounce off tent, princess castle tents, etc. , and provide wholesale camping tents, pet tent processing, to undertake various OEM, kind to build
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