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Camping tents, the four function to understand you

by:Muzi     2020-05-06
Camping tents, the four function to understand you. Camping tents, camping is a lot like people need to prepare, because in the camp, is certainly need to use the tent to protect themselves, but also can have a sleeping environment. Let's outdoor tent wholesale manufacturers talk about the content of the four about tent. What is 1, the characteristics of the camping tents wind rope? Wind rope can single hand operation, adjust the lengths and elastic. 2, tents can have the function of warm? Tent can have the effect of moderate isolation of cold air, do not do heat preservation equipment use, warm tasks are done by a sleeping bag. 3 how is ventilated breathe freely, tent? Single is through the air holes, breathable screen door and window screen; Double tent tent material itself is breathable material, and a screen window and screen door, outside the tent and air holes. 4, camping tent, frilly what is action? Floor skirt hem at the bottom of the invasion, which can effectively prevent the wind from tents to tents and the function of the degree of thermal stability.
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