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Camping tent manufacturer on structure and classification

by:Muzi     2020-05-09
Camping tent manufacturer on structure and classification. Life in the city for a long time, everyone will very yearning for landscape, a lot of people like outdoor camping in a two days over the weekend, and can fully experience the scenery of nature. Camping are sure to need to use the camping tents. Let's camping tent manufacturer to introduce structure and classification of tent for you. Manufacturer on tent camping tents, is a kind of made up of canvas and supporting parts, used for outdoor shelter, convenient people temporary activities of the equipment. Structures, and removed more easily and quickly, the size of different functions. Usually in the form of spare parts to follow human activities to the site, according to the activity time scale makeshift, dismantled. Structure: mainly include these parts: subject, pillar, frame, building, roof, wall, DangYuPeng, door, floor mat, cushion, the main line, horn line, waist line, nails, wooden hammer or hammer, bag. Camping tent manufacturer interpretation according to the type and applied occasion can be divided into the following categories: military tents, tent accessories ( Grass green military camp stool) And camp bed ( Iron) , with has dispatched 93 class, 20 people military tents, Cotton belt yarn) Camp bed, individual tents, aluminum alloy, cooking restaurant combination has dispatched, military tents, 10x5m) , type 81 class with single tents, row with dispatched, relief tents, 12 square meters) , with has dispatched 93 class, police tents, public security, tents, etc.
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