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Camping tent frame have?

by:Muzi     2020-04-14
Tent that is a lot of people know a product, the product used in our life is also more, that we should all know! In particular, some people prefer camping is will take camping tents in some empty to each other according to the camp, but do you know the skeleton of the tent material is what? We at ordinary times more common is what? Follow our evolutionary camping tents wholesale manufacturers learn together! Common tent frame 1, resilient: usually in this kind of children's account or beach game. 2, fiberglass rod: six. 9/7. 9/8. 5/9. 5/11/12. A set of 5. The coarser the stronger rigidity, smooth the weaker sex. 。 3, aluminum alloy frame: to compare the high-grade, according to the alloy ratio test is more difficult, in general the original the radian curve, support are calculated first and then hot pressing shapes. 4, steel pipes, also known as high-frequency welded pipe, mainly used in military tents, relief tents, tents, have plastic spraying or galvanized processing surface, circular tube and square tube, pipe diameter generally ranging from 19 to 50 mm, wall thickness at 0. 8 ~ 3 mm. The four kinds of material is our common material, different places to use material is different, the four kinds of material of the tent frame can be practical to where there is a difference between, you at the time of purchase according to their own needs to buy, if there is need to dealers to buy children's tent, camping tent can be contact us children tent manufacturer, we have a wholesale camping tents, children's princess castle tent order, welcomed the calls.
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