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Camping should consider what factors?

by:Muzi     2020-04-16
Don't know if you have to go to camping? Camping generally is to choose some relatively high mountain, and then to overnight in the mountain, we can take a look at the stars in this night, listening to the sound in the trees, enjoying the nature of the concert, but we go camping also has many places of note, it is important to first camping tents, camping in mountains is a must, we can't sleep outside, because the mountains there are a lot of harmful pests, but camping tent, how should choose? This is very important, below we camping tents on wholesale with all of you to introduce how to choose. Camping tent option 1, because the temperature difference between day and night in the mountains is more big, and the humidity is high, so buy tent must choose waterproof is outside, inside is breathable, which was the most common used outside of the tent is PU coating, PU coating is a kind of stable and low temperature resistant coating. 2, tent curtain rod must be high strength, good resilience, tent wind resistance is not only related to the quality of a material of curtain rod diameter, and also the narrow set of number, generally curtain rod set number, the more the better the performance of wind. 3, tent design is reasonable, need to have enough DeDing and wind on the rope. Packaging bags, tent, tent rope and other auxiliary accessories also affect the use of the tent. Nail bags should choose sturdy, account number to ensure the enough, aluminium nail strength, tent rope for fixed tents. 4, tent must choose the convenient carrying, such need not when can put in bag carrying, so as not to take up the job, driving can be on top of trunk. Two-door or before and after 5, choose for the tent of the window, both before and after the two-door or better ventilation for window of the tent. To ensure the account in air circulation, when using, don't feel hot. This is a time when we go camping tents, should choose to conform to such factors, so that we in the outside camping, especially very convenient when you go to sleep at night, sleeping of time will not be the outside temperature, or reptiles affect, we are a wholesaler camping tents, if has the need to buy camping tents can see, still have even if want to children's princess castle tent custom-made also can look for us, we are the children tent manufacturer, welcome to contact calls.
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