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Camping on outdoor camping tent manufacturer needs to pay attention to what problem

by:Muzi     2020-05-10
City with the accelerating pace of life, friends of some workers in order to alleviate the pressure of the life, choose a few such as wild camping this way. Common outdoor tents are: camping tents, children tents, toys, tents, etc. , in the outdoor camping when we choose the right tent was able to enjoy a more solid way to relax yourself. So what problem we need to pay attention to in the wild camping? 1 entry to leeward, tents, tents will be away from a rolling stone slope. 2, to avoid tent flooded when it rains, should be at the top of the canopy edge just dig a drainage ditch. 3, tent corners of rock pressure. 4 air flow must be maintained, tents, cooking in the tent to prevent fire. 5, the evening before bed to check out all fire, tent is fixed solid. , tents will in turn build: first to build public tents. Downwind to set good cooking tent in the camp, build stove, burn a pot of water on, and then in turn to the windward building to hold public equipment warehouse tents and their camping tents. When the whole camp tents set up good, burn water has been boiled, can drink right away and began to cook. 7, built outdoor toilet: choose the downwind slightly lower in the camp, and away from the river, At least 20 meters) 。 It is best to dig a 30 cm wide and 50 centimeters long, about half a metre deep rectangle holes, inside put some stones, and cedar leaf ( Eliminate odor) 。 On three sides with plastic sheeting or boxes, fixed good, open side should be lee. Prepare some sand and a shovel and a piece of cardboard. The toilet with some sand to bury waste and toilet paper, and board will cover pit to eliminate peculiar smell. Set up a more obvious signs outside the toilet, make others in far can see if someone is using. At the end of the camp, buried in a sandy soil will pit, and tags, tell others to participate in outdoor activities. 8, take away the rubbish: don't you leave a little garbage camp is camping must abide by the discipline. Waste can be buried after burning paper, plastic bottles, cans, etc to load the trash away, and be back on the way through discarded tips, not abandon all over the place. Remind you that although at present many places allowed the car into the camping area more and more, but to all the people can experience the fun of camping, environmental protection work is not allow to ignore, at the end of the trip, I hope everyone can take away the rubbish, and try not to use disposable chopsticks, so as not to cause environmental pollution.
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