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7 best winter tents

by:Muzi     2020-03-20
Whether you wake up above the cloud line in coolingling or ski --
Traveling in Aiguilles Rouges, winter camping is a wonderful experience-with the right gear.
In the snow, hail, rain and strong winds, a decent shelter can be a lifesaver.
Winter tents are also called four.
The season of tents is usually more difficult than their three. season (
Spring, Summer, Autumn)
It was built to withstand the worst conditions.
They tend to have a harder outer skeleton and dome
In order to get rid of the snow pile, the best case is to leave you a leak, and the worst case is
The situation caused a cave.
Winter tents are also more waterproof than three.
Season tent with high static hydraulic head, or HH (
Waterproof grade, determined by how many millimeters of water the fabric can withstand).
Anything above 1,000mm has good waterproof performance-but keeping dry for winter does save lives, the higher the better.
It seems that this is not enough, and winter tents must also be breathable to prevent condensation from piling up.
As our commenters found when crossing Kazakhstan --
20C Central Asian winter, there are few ways to wake up worse than being gently snowy by your own breath, condensation and freezing overnight.
Finally, space is important: more equipment is often required for winter activities, so a decent dry space for luggage storage is essential.
There are things that can\'t be done in winter tents, such as keeping you warm.
So if you\'re going to a remote area this winter, be sure to bring a very good sleeping bag and jacket filled with a waterproof down jacket or something like that.
Burn through the torch battery for a long night, so bring your spare parts;
Remember to stay away from avalanche terrain forever, but be close enough to get close or where you are trying to climb the next day to maximize daylight.
If weight and water are not a problem, do yourself a favor and bring a hot water bottle-not only to help make you overeat overnight, it means that your beer in the morning has some unfrozen water.
Below, we selected 7 of the best 2018/19 winter tents to be tested in various conditions from storm in Scotland Heights to skiing
Travel in the Alps and Canada wilderness-a mix of adventures-
Valuable giants and budgets
Friendly tent for miniature adventure in January.
Terra Nova South Cross 2: 690, Terra Nova is equipped with the glory of Terra Nova, bomb-
Prove that the tent is the first refuge for the BBC Earth film crew.
It\'s easy to understand why: Southern Cross is a smart winter
The company\'s popular Laser range has grown well-so it maintains a lightweight livability, but the extra poles add winter durability.
It has an amazing 6,000mm HH which is very light for the spec-at 2.
29 kg it is not super light, but it actually feels very comfortable and light when it is packed.
The most important thing is to be spacious: there is a good head gap and a decent one
The size of the porch, you can mark it in a number of different ways to protect your gear to the maximum, or to sit down to the maximum, to be lonely, not sure if it will stop raining.
Granted, all of this comes with high price tags, but the Terra Nova tent has an impeccable reputation: it has two and a half
The extra benefit of mesh doors and complete independence is that this is a super adaptable tent that can happily bring you to the summer and this is our best option.
Buy the norobans Osprey 2EX: 39.
95, camping and RV
Running Robles has turned into some of the best, consistently tough all-
Round tents on the market.
The Osprey 2EX is no exception: it has a huge HH of 4,000mm and the proper tilt can withstand 160 km wind per hour.
In terms of price, it has an extraordinary tear
The strength of 11 kg is in a very respectable 2. 7kg package.
The place where it shines is where Robens shines forever: livability.
The tent has a huge porch with lots of storage-pockets everywhere-and an interior dress --drying line.
It\'s hard to make the tunnel tent feel like something else except the canvas stone coffin: somehow Robens makes them feel like home.
Buy nowMSR Advance Pro 2: 470, elite mountain offers a serious tent on climbers and climbers, a striking Advance Pro 2 clock in the field of sciencedefying 1.
46 kg thanks to the super light, super power pole of the MSR.
This is not the case for those who take part in your family camping trip: Advance Pro 2 covers a very small area (
It would be better to live on a high mountain ledge)
No porch and foyer.
If you run into a storm, it will rise very quickly with no fuss, this is the life-saving straw: Once in, its 1,000mm HH fabric will keep you dry.
Advance Pro 2 is not a bad choice for skiing
Travel-The light weight is truly remarkable and has the feel of wrapping a tent-but it\'s hard for you to sleep comfortably inside with all your gear.
This is a tent designed for the winter of himaraya: it is better to Sprint briefly at the summit, and it is also a good example
Savvy MSR can do it.
Buy now North highdal 3: 250, North tent named after Norwegian explorer and ethnographer Thor highdal, who sailed 8,000 km kilometers through the Pacific Ocean by hand
There is a lot to do to build a raft.
Fortunately, the climbing tent in North Face is available: This Tardis-
Like a tunnel, it feels really spacious and the front foyer of the kit is spacious.
It pitches quickly, and the vents and mesh are well ventilated.
Covered windows: cleverly include windows facing the door, where your head will be when you sleep-whether or not you are claustrophobic while camping, spending in a tent or just like the cool breeze when you sleep is a great addition.
Its price is decent too, although it won\'t have much impact on you
The way through Whistler, really good-looking.
Buy nowJack Wolfskin Yellowstone II: £ 300 Jack Wolfskin this lovely tent is equivalent to one night in a cozy alpine hut.
Strictly speaking, this is a three
Season tent, but 4,000mm HH and tough 75D (denier)
You won\'t notice the difference between flying and 68D.
Inside, it feels almost magnificent: the dome roof is a bit exaggerated and gives you more space (
And dump snow)
There are two doors and two remains, a circle of lights, windows and four pockets.
Despite the generous 6 cover ropes and 16 pins, the most important thing is its versatility: The tent is completely independent and, therefore, if the weather is good, it doesn\'t need any of these 16 nails and you can throw it on a warm night without a fly.
This is one of the best.
Thanks to a lot of windows and vents, this reviewer has seen ventilated tents, and it is crucial for winter tents that you can pull them up when you need to remove the hatch.
It is very heavy (4kg)
Takes up quite a bit of space, but this is a good question if the weight is not a problem
See you in winter and beyond.
Buy nowHilleberg Allak 2: 995, HillebergThis, Rolls Royce of the tent, on the wish list of many climbers and hikers.
Hilleberg is probably the best tent in the world: their unique fabric, where the Kerlon 1200 is basically indestructible.
Silicon coating, tear strength of at least 12 kg and head of 5,000mm HH, need a very serious snow pile to remove Arak-this is a good reason to spend so much money.
It is also habitable and has a spacious sleeping space (it’s 2. 25m long)
And head clearance, as well as a large number of vents to prevent condensation-the roof vents are equipped with snow-proof plates.
If you want to spend a big part of your time in a tent, you want it to be a full-
Even more rounded, the Arak people did it.
You can pitch your own in warm weather, though in order to do so, you will also need an optional Allak pitching kit;
It is completely independent, and it tilts quickly when connected internally and externally.
Hilleberg is very modest about the weight of the tent-stability and longevity are more important to them-but at the age of 3.
3 kg is nothing embarrassing.
Arak\'s brother, a 3-
The man version will be available this spring.
Often called one of the best tents in the world, you can ride this tent anywhere except for the music festival.
Super light 3: 17179 buy nowQuechua Quickhiker.
99, the DecathlonA little decathlon tent doesn\'t seem to fit on this list, but ultra light fast hikers are one of the most expensive tents on the market.
This humble tent has always been superior to many expensive competitors-our commenters survived the night in the great wind of Lake corusque in Skye and wiped out an expensive neighbor.
With the pole connected to the flight, it tilts in less than a minute, with plenty of space to keep your gear dry, away from snow, and has an impressive 4,000mm HH.
You have to throw it perfectly to stop the flies from swinging around in the strong wind-Decathlon says it can survive in memory up to 70 km M, which I believe.
Granted, it\'s not a tent that can be taken out if the weather looks seriously disastrous, but it can\'t avoid an incredible price: it\'s about £ 200 less than a sturdy winter tent you usually pay for, which can sleep three people and weighs amazing. 6kg.
Buy the verdict now: winter tents tend to be expensive, so if you\'re going to spend 4
Season tent, you want something that can still be used in spring/summer.
Terra Nova South Cross 2 and Robens Osprey 2EX tents are the best-rounders;
For adventurous families, Jack Wolfskin Yellowstone will be a great choice.
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