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4 important tips for a wedding on the beach

by:Muzi     2020-02-29
Getting married on the beach is the dream of many bridesmaids.
What\'s more romantic than giving sure?
During the wedding, the feet are on the beach and you can see the beautiful sea view?
The beautiful beach, the sound of the waves, the fresh sea air, the wind blows your hair and creates a gorgeous environment.
A romantic environment with many advantages and benefits.
However, it is also important to carefully consider the impact of negative points.
Of course, the weather can change suddenly in the US, but with these 4 tips we can help you plan the perfect wedding on the beach.
There is nothing you can do about what you rely on completely.
Frustrating but with the right preparation you don\'t have to worry about that.
Wind: it often blows a lot on the beach.
Anything that can be blown away or in trouble must be tight.
Don\'t wear a long veil, but wear a short veil firmly attached to your hair.
Sun: hope the sun will go out on your wedding day.
But the Sun will become too bright.
So for those who don\'t usually have sunglasses, be sure to wear them.
Make sure you and your husband are in the shadows, through the arc of a bow or flower, so you don\'t have to squeeze your eyes all the time, not so beautiful on the picture.
Sunshine intensity: with bright sunshine, it will burn enough in the second half of the sun.
So pay attention to sun protection so everyone can lubricate and no one needs to be on the blister.
Regen: Well, you never know 100%, so be sure to buy a tent that can be easily converted when the weather is over.
So you don\'t have to worry about the slippery coupe.
You should also pay attention to other things.
Take care of yourself and your guests and make a great day for everyone!
To keep your guests in mind, be sure to have a wedding on the beach.
Get married on a public beach, make sure it\'s legal and you have the right license.
A lot of decor is unnecessary and the beach is already a great place.
Take advantage of the true flowers and ribbons blown by the wind.
It\'s very nice to make a big dome.
This can be rented or made of wood.
Choose a place on the beach where you have a lot of privacy.
You don\'t want to be disturbed by curious vacationers or strangers during the ceremony.
Is the evening party on the beach?
Therefore, sufficient lighting is provided so that no one enters the darkness.
Why plan your beach wedding in advance?
It\'s delicious to get married on the beach!
You will have a feeling of relaxation and vacation right away.
Getting married on the beach is different from the \"normal\" wedding venue.
Therefore, high heels wedding shoes are not very convenient on the beach.
So wear more comfortable slippers, such as wedding shoes.
A wedding dress that sleeps or wears a veil for a long time is also not very convenient.
Are you a trendy person?
Then choose a short wedding dress that makes you feel comfortable.
It\'s from a tropical area.
Com, you can also buy modern and traditional wedding dresses of all colors, short wedding dresses, bridal dresses and wedding dresses for small and large budgets.
Everything is the latest collection of wedding dresses and brands.
Scarf, hat, underwear, evening dress, party dress, party dress, large size wedding dress, evening dress and other wedding accessories.
Also, consider your decor.
It was nice to pry it up on the beach and dress it up. But a runner (
Such as the color of your theme)
It\'s nice to walk over and it\'s good.
Chairs placed outside are often not the most beautiful.
Also, try to cover the terrace with curtains or large ols so you will still have a beach wedding if the weather is still bad!
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